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Only 4,99 € per month for the whole family


Easy & Convenient

An application for the whole family

Stay up to date

As soon as someone contacts your parent, you will get a message telling you how they are.

Save time

After a caregiver's visit, get an update directly on your phone !

Stay on the same page

No more busy Sundays and lonely Tuesdays for your loved one. You can now better coordinate family members and make sure everyone knows who visits when.

Keep your family close

Familities helps all your family members stay connected, even the ones living far away.

Efficient and reassuring

Daily notifications that keep you up to date to make organization simple.

Available on multiples devices

Because we all have our favourite ways to communicate, Familities is available on both smartphones and computers.


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Stay up to date in real time

After your brother’s call or a caretaker’s visit, Familities tells you how your loved one is doing. You will receive a real-time notification with a smiley and message left by your relatives or caretaker.

Carol is 84 years old and has 3 kids. Alexia is living nearby and can drop by at least twice a week. However, it is not as simple for Peter and Ann who are living far away.

Before, Alexia used to spend a lot of time keeping Peter and Ann up to date about their mom. Now, it only takes her 2 seconds to update everyone.

Coordinate care

Our shared calendar makes communication simple for everyone. You'll know immediately who is calling when, who was the last to visit and who is planning to come. It is now way easier to coordinate contacts during the week. Additionally, you can share pictures and messages on your private family newsfeed.

To coordinate care, you can add professional caregivers on your Familities application. Here are a few examples of profesionnals our families are inviting :

  • Home care professionals
  • Meal delivery professionals
  • Nurses
  • Neighbors
  • Telecare companies

Feel free to contact us to learn more about the companies using Familities!

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Yes. Familities can be used everywhere even if all the users of a same circle aren't in the same country. Familities is available in English, French, Spanish and Dutch.

There is no limit to the number of users.Every family is different and we want to make it possible for everyone caring for your parent to stay in touch through Familities.

Yes. Our data is hosted on a server based in France. Professional users (nurses, homecare professionals, meal delivery services, etc..) can send you information, but won't be able to read the private messages written by your family.

Yes. When signing up, you will choose a password which will enable you to log into your account from a computer or smartphone.

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